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Default PP Problems getting on the table

I've sent an email to their support and they said to call them. with mobile phone from here it would cost me too much probably, so I would ask if anyone here could help. The main part of the email is:

The problem is at the FIRST hand I intend to play at a table I sit down. It
should ask me for placing a big blind and everything looks like it's asking
me - I only don't see the buttons. I also don't see the countdown of
remaining time I have. So it puts me on "Away". The only way I can put a
blind is to set the blind to "Auto post". However, most of the times when I
do that, I don't see the buttons (or the countdown) when I'm first to act.
After my time runs out, it sets me to "Disconnected." If I have a good hand,
I loose aditional money. If I'm at a "No DP" table, I loose the blind also.

So basically every time I'm first to act I don't see the part under the
table, buttons and the countdown. It is very frustrating and it costs me
money. It happens in about 90% of cases but the more I play, the more sure
it is that the problem will occur. At the end I just have to stop playing.

If I set the blind to autopost and just let the blind go this way, I can
play without any problems further hands. However once I had exactly the same
problem, when I had the autopost to off and I didn't see the buttons when it
was my turn to post the blind.

I was thinking... I have 10 tables opened all the time, usually there is some more download/upload going on - could this be the reason? I have noticed that sometimes I have only one second to choose the amount when I hit "Take the seat" button. It must come a little late to my PC, what do you think?

HOWEVER, notice that even if I put the blig blind with "Autopost" it still doesn't give me the option to check or raise (or fold if it's raised) when I'm first to act. It happens ONLY when I post the big blind for the first time or sometimes when I was "away" for a round".

Thanks for your help.
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