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Default Free ride vs Making your way

This is the situation,

22, college sophomore dropout (financial reasons), I am pretty much flat broke, paycheck-to-paycheck situation with no debts in a 9-5 dead end office job. I have no car. I live in a city and I enjoy being close to everything and having bus/trains to get around, plus I have a few really good friends although I don't see them very often.

A) Find a better job, no idea where to start, no degree, no "great" work history, served food, basic paperwork office job/receptionist., so if I find a good entry level, its going to be more sucky pay, or I can work another high stress, high paying, dead-end job, not too fond of either, can't afford school on my own without the high stress dead end option, but at least Iíll be on my own and enjoying my free time

B) My grandfather is very serious about me getting a college education, so much so that he said he would be willing to come out of retirement to help pay for it, benefits: 3 meals a day catered by grandma, Pretty much all basics would be covered, I could borrow their car for essentials, 2-3 years of school to get a degree. Downsides, would still have to find a crappy job in the country (even worse), BORING, (yet very relaxing) country life, Iíll be treated like a little kid; love them, but they are ANNOYING, grandma nags and grandpa has high expectations.

This is a hard decision I have been battling over for almost a year because the downsides/benefits are so close, I strongly value my freedom and don't like to put up with [censored] people who want to run my life (which is what I will be dealing with) but at the same time I am very unfulfilled working in a steady-state where I don't see my life is improving over the long term and I LOVE going to school.

EDIT: Pretty shallow, but I am pretty sure living with them in their older years (helping them) will definatly boost my expected value from their will.
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