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Default Re: UltimateBet Thanksgiving Reload

Dang it!!!! Yeah, that's what they are saying. But I'm arguing with them.

Their reply to my query:

> From:
> Date: 2005/11/23 Wed PM 08:48:05 EST
> Subject: RE:Thanksgiving Reload Deposit [#2222123]
> Dear David,
> We are extremely sorry but we do have a policy against this. You made the withdrawal request after the offer was sent, therefore the system will not credit the bonus into your account.
> If you need any further assistance or have any question please do not hesitate to contact us. We will gladly review your inquiries.
> Sincerely,
> Dennis
> Customer Service Department

[/ QUOTE ]

And my response back to them to try to get the bonus credited (no response yet):

I made my withdrawal this afternoon at 4:36PM EST.

I recieved the email about the reload offer at 6:18PM EST this evening -- almost 2 hours later. And the email was announcing a reload offer that had already started at 5:00PM EST.

I would really appreciate being credited with the $200 reload bonus as I was unaware at the time that I made the withdrawal that a reload bonus was coming.

As an example of a usefull notice, please consider how Absolute Poker does it. They email notices of their reloads the morning of the day before the reload so even though they have a policy of not allowing a withdrawal in the 12 hours prior to the start of the reload period (if you want to take advantage of the reload). As such, you receive notice of the upcoming reload bonus BEFORE the lockout window starts.

Could you please point me to a page on your web site where the policy of not being able to make a withdrawawl in some defined period prior to a reload bonus is covered?

[/ QUOTE ]

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