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Default Re: A few hands I\'de like you to look at

#1 Fine.

#2 Minibet the flop. Villain will fold 90% of the time here. Having checked the flop, why would you check the turn?? You should bet the turn with any two here, not to mention after hitting your king. And then you fold the river?? What hand did you put the villain on here?

#3 Good.

#4 Villains minicheckraise is pretty confusing, so I think my fishy reaction would be to just call the flop like you did. But when you think about it, calling is not that good. Just about all the cards in the deck are not good for you. Raise to 200 on the flop and fold if he reraises? Then again, with only 685 chips, raising to ~200 here isn't that cool either... Ok I don't know [img]/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img] Maybe just trying to get a cheap showdown and letting go if SB bets anything much more than a minibet, just like you did, is okay. Except that you hit trips.. You need to bet for value after hitting your seven!
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