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Default Re: Do I need to pay this off??

great thread i must say.

[/ QUOTE ]

I have never been as proud of one of my own threads as I am right now.

bandit, people disagree with each other in these forums all the time. Go back to the main page and you'll see that 90%+ of threads there is at least one and usually more arguing against the convential wisdom, but this is the only one that has digressed to the highly coveted "HU RIGHT NOW BITCH" level, all because of your lack of social and/or debating skills. Intelligent discussion is the point of this site, after all. It's when you drop the level of discourse to the "maybe you should read a book" that you're going to end up getting ignored and considered a troll. Just a little tip in case you ever again find occasion where you need to interact with other people.