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Default Re: 10/20 A high against LAG


First off, if he's a known LAG, posting his screenname would help in evaluating this situation.

Well, first of all it depends what kind of LAG this is. You should consider how often he steals, how often he goes to showdown, and how tricky he is.

If he goes to showdown more than 34-35% then I'm insta-folding this flop. Sure you might be ahead here but how do you plan to get to showdown? Checkraising sucks if he's tricky at all b/c you'll get 3-bet with draws and overcards. Against non-tricky LAGs you might be able to find out where you are on the flop but against anyone who's remotely tricky I don't think checkraising serves any purpose at all.

I just think button's getting to showdown too often on THIS board. Checkraising is ok on maybe a 6x7x8x board or a paired board but not here.

Essentially, what my question boils down to is… do you have to wait for a good hand to trap these LAGs and not contest these A-high with a non-threatening board hands?

[/ QUOTE ]

You can certainly contest hands with A-high against these type of plays but this just isn't the board to do it. Without knowing anything about the button, I think the board texture isn't good enough to try to get to showdown with A-high here.

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