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Default Re: What would you rather have?

It's great to know the odds of how often 1 hand wins over another hand in a showdown, but the problem with AJ7s is that many times you're not gonna be able to see the final card. For instance if you brick 4th and 5th (which will happen quite often), you'll never get a chance to see the 6th street card. This is why I hate raising with such hands unless I have a chance to steal the antes.

And even the times you don't brick, you'll never be a huge favorite in the hand. For instance even if you catch a spade on 4th street you'll only be a slight favorite. If you spike an ace you'll be a pretty big favorite but the king won't be making a huge mistake calling you down. This is why all the books suggest you get in cheap with your 3 flushes.

Now don't get me wrong, there are times you should be playing this hand aggressively. If the ante is big, like the games Carlos plays, and a king raises, re-raising is a fine play. I just think in the tight ante structures that most players play you're better off just calling in this spot.

I would take the kings ANY day heads up and the 3 flush any day multi way.
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