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Default Re: Is GWB exploiting a state of perpetual war to stifle internal diss

GWB loves the Jewish state because it is a prerequisite for the rapture. what happens to the Jews during the rapture anyway?

Kurn: Well, hold on a minute. Some Christian fundies support Israel for that reason, true, but it's a stretch to sat that Dubya does. More likely he supports israel because they're the only true republic in the region, but I guess that doesn't fit your Weltanschauung.

[/ QUOTE ]

I believe that it is a falacy that our government cares about the nature of foreign countries' political systems unless vilifing them is convienent for us with respect to propaganda.

Kurn: Meh. This is true of all government.

[/ QUOTE ]

Hehe, now thats trolling.
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