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Default Re: Is GWB exploiting a state of perpetual war to stifle internal diss

I can find no fault with your thinking, DVaut.

I honestly don't know how Tillman felt about the war he was in. I do know, that on mission, sometimes, my feelings about what I was doing changed on a daily basis. I read Thereau, too. It did not make me anti-military. Some days I was happy to be a part of something meaningful and some days I felt I was a pawn in a game where I had no stake, other than my own life.

I don't know how is mother feels about his death. I could not begin to fathom the rage or despair she may feel. I cannot understand her motivations for saying what she did to the press. One of her reasons for not embracing the media is perhaps she does not wish to be percieved as a publicity hound capitalizing on the death of her son or perhaps she does not want to be thrown out like so much used kleenex when she is no longer the cause celebe.

So perhaps all the inuendo is true. Perhaps Tillman got fragged on orders straight from the desk of Karl Rove to avoid his meteoric Kerryesque rise to political prominance upon his return, which, as we all know, would have been a disaster for the maniacal power elites which pull the strings of GWB. Perhaps....If only.....

Or maybe it's fevered fantasy from desparate minds, who are desparate to believe they have the world figured out.

More likely, the truth is somewhere in between and will never be known for sure.

I am no longer going to discuss Pat Tillman as political theatre. I cheapen his sacrifice by doing so. So do all those who seek political gain from the deaths of soldiers. For that I feel sorry.
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