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Default Re: Is GWB exploiting a state of perpetual war to stifle internal diss

For all those who wish to reference it, this is the Coulter peice on Tillman:


Let me ask you question, how come Pat's mother isn't out shouting at the top of her lungs in front of the Bush ranch in Crawford, Texas?

You'd think she would be MUCH bigger than Cindy Sheehan. It looks like this little liberal exercise of the press went splat like wet toilet paper on a bathroom wall. Probably because no one has heard anything more from Tillman's mom. One would think, at least I do, that if she had a score to settle over the obviously vast right wing conspiracy to kill her peace loving Army Ranger son, she would be out shouting to the rafters and it would be the biggest news for months until she got answers.

Why has none of this happened?

That's where it all falls apart for me.

Go monkey Go.
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