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Default Re: Is GWB exploiting a state of perpetual war to stifle internal diss

So once the lefty loony fringe realized that they were absolutely acting like tools with regards to Tillman, they decided to make him a convert to their cause after he died. Brilliant. I haven't heard this.

Let me see if I have the Pat Tillman [censored] fantasy accurately...

Pat returns from the war saying that it's wrong. He testifies before congress saying that American troops are trained to commit atrocities and that he himself participated in atrocities. He is whisked around the world to meet with all the great liberal thinkers and handed the keys to the gold plated Kerry winning strategy for Presidential Campaigning. Only this time, the media alliance is able to stop the veterans who served with Pat from getting out the truth. It's camelot one more time. The glory days of losing in Vietnam and Watergate are relived as the war on terror fails to prevent a WMD attack in the US. Everyone once again loves liberals because of Pat....

You people are sick.

Provide the documentation from Pat's fellow veterans that he was against the war. I will accept notorized testimony on paper or video provided with proper creditials that the person on the video actually served with Tillman in the form of service records.

Did you get this Tillman hated the war stuff from Rall? He's been so spot on factually correct in everything else he's ever said that it must be true.

This is your chance to be brilliant. You can dazzle me with the evidence I asked for. Or, you can say you are not my monkey. It's up to you.
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