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Default Teaching a friend Hold\'em 101 & Basic SnG Strategy from scratch.

Me and a friend are moving into an upscale apartment in a few weeks. We both make a living 8-12 tabling 30/50 SnG's. We previously were playing $400-$1000 NL tables, but moved back to SnG's because of the ease of play and relatively low difficulty. Our third roommate wants to quit his job, and do what we are doing because we are the ones raking in the $$$. He views himself as somewhat intelligent (says he got a 32 on his ACT), but can't comment on his learning ability.

Me and my second friend (Eihli) are somewhat at odds on how to teach our third roomate how to play. I do know that he knows absolutely NOTHING about hold'em.

Our goal: Eventually make him a 7% or more ROI winner on the 30's.

My teaching regiment:

Make him read Ed Millers Beginner's Hold'em Book.
Make him read Hold'em for advanced players by Sklansky.
Make him read Harrington on Hold'em Volume I.
Make him read Harrington on Hold'em Volume II.

Then make him watch us play SnG's while we explain our plays.
Then we watch him play SnG's while we correct his play and explain why.

Then make him reread: Sklansky's Poker for Advanced Players, Harrington on Hold'em Volume I and II.

This process should take 1-2 weeks depending on how fast HE wants to learn.

Eihli's learning regiment is:

Start out letting him watch us play, while at the same time making him read the same books while he's at his job (finishing out the week).

Watch and correct his play while hes finishing the last of the books.

His argument is that the books will mean nothing to him unless he gains experience by playing poker and understanding the concepts in action.

If you had a friend who wanted to learn SnG's which method would you use to teach them, and if you don't like the ones above which way would you go with?
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