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Default Re: Gosh... AQ against a donk. Party 30+3 w/ 250 entrants

Why do you lead out at the flop?

Seems like an odd move to me, you didn't reraise pf, and you wouldn't lead out with a T (of course you might, but I'm saying from the villain's perspective in this hand). From his POV, I think it looks like you have nothing or mid-pockets.

If you want to make a move on the flop, I think a CR would have been a lot better.

[/ QUOTE ]

I led out for info basically. A c/r would probably have to be all in from me, and would probably just commit her to calling right? Insert citation of that thread from a few months back about the call flop lead turn line b/c c/ring just committs people so it's bad to bluff with.

[/ QUOTE ]

I think the thread you're talking about is an alternative to checkraising (with a good hand.) Because, in his example, checkraising wouldnt commit the villain, but calling and leading the turn, disguises your hand, and may force him to pay you off.

In this spot, you don't want to be called, and the villain is very likely to be raising your lead. Checkraising the flop maximizes you FE in this hand.
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