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Default Re: Who likes this push? Party 30+3 w/ 250 entrants


you are playing with maniacs or calling stations who will call without real strong holdings.

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I felt like this was a real posibility. Not so much maniacs, but that I would get a push called, since my 3s push got called by AQs.

But still, what if I get one caller after me and the flop comes KT3, two suited, I have 1800 left, how much do you bet? This is the situation I was afraid of.

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If you raise to 600 preflop and get one caller, there will be 1300-1600 in the pot. With 1800 left, i think checkraising all in is the safer play.

If you bet at the pot, the only reasonable bet would be a push. You're unlikely to get called by a hand that you beat. MAYBE A10 from a donk who puts you on AQ. Checkraising here lets you pick off a possible bluff, and may be able to push someone off a better hand (unlikely.)
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