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Default Re: Who likes this push? Party 30+3 w/ 250 entrants

whats wrong with 600, then playing poker if you get a caller?

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Because 'playing poker' with jacks sucks?

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I think you do better raising to 600. You have 2400 and there is 375 in the pot. If you standard raise, someone may reraise with a weaker hand. If you get called, you can win a much bigger pot than if everyone folds to the push.

I think the push is kind of weak/tight afraid to see a flop. It is OK if you feel that you are overmatched postflop or you are playing with maniacs or calling stations who will call without real strong holdings.

The push looks more like AK, so Ax/Kx will fold if they have any sense. Someone might be stupid enough to call with a lower pair. Against good players, you are only going to be called by AA-QQ or AK.

If there were 2 or 3 limpers, I like the push more, as it is less of an overbet and it looks like you are trying to steal the pot. In that case, people may put you on AK/AQ or a steal and call with TT/99.
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