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Default Re: How easy is it to replace a motherboard in a notebook?


replacing a laptop mobo is not easy at all
that stu guy above is either exagerating a genious or extremely lucky

i have built 3 desktop computers from scratch now and i beleive desktops are very easy

my cousin asked if i could build him a laptop, i did a little research adn found only a few laptop kits but not even a place i could buy a vid card...i asked a few people and was quickly told not to try it

if you have never built a computer before i would not recomend trying this

and if you are still going to please note:
you cant just buy any laptop motherboard, your cpu socket type has to match along with the graphics card slot and the ram type....and im guessing there are demensions to make it sit right in the case too....(u probably already knew that and were just going to buy the exact same one you had, if so i appologize)

i would also verify the mobo is the problem before i went through with this(find a friend with a laptop and try their parts)
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