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Default So some guy hanged himself just outside where I work

So I'm at work today on the second floor. There is about 30 of us on the floor. Anyways we keep the blinds closed to keep the sun out. Around 10 someone comes by saying to look outside and that there was a body hanging from a third floor balcony. The apartment building is right across from us...just seperated by an alley. At first we all thought it was a manequin. 5 minutes later cops show up and pull the body from the balcony....paramedics worked on him for 30 minutes (we could see into the suite) and then the ambulance took off. Someone from our company called the hospital and word is that he survived it. Pretty crazy to see that and I'm glad I didn't actually see him jump. He looked to be about 70. I'm surprised he would do it so publicly. Also from what I know, hanging yourself is certain death within minutes and he was definetly out there for longer than that.
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