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Default Re: God As He Moves Across The Face Of Internet Touranments

The reason you see this sort of info readily available in the SNG forum and not here is purely logistics. You are asking questions about MTTs that by tournament play's very nature make them unanswerable long term. MTTs are a quirky little thing because in a lifetime, especially before the internet, players would maybe win lots of money but still not have significant mathematical data to prove that they are a long term winner. Even with the internet I would venture to guess that very few posters here can make such assertions about the 'long term' and have actual substantiated mathematical proof. The reason SNGs are different is because a player can play 24 in one hour and over the course of a few months collect enough data to be fairly close to a long term ROI. This is simply a disclaimer to you that you likely won't find what you are looking for here.
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