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"Next, if you get a Koran and read through and find all the imjunctions to Muslims, the instructions given to them, you will see a mountain of injunctions to fight the infidel, to subjugate the infidel, to force the world to conform to Allah's will."

Have you read teh Qur'an? I am reading it (haven't finished) and while their have been a very few verses about fighting (not about "subjugating the infidel") there certainly haven't been "a mountain" so far; the vast majority of it is about the unity of God, forgiveness, doing good deeds, the afterlife and Biblical stories. Your assertion that it contains numerous political injunctions that necessarily lead to "totalitarianism" is also wrong. Of its over 6,000 verses it contains about 200 "legal" verses, about punishments, inheritance and the like (it does not state whether or how these should be implemented politically); it contains zero advice on how governments should be run, people should be ruled etc.
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