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Default Re: Home Tournament Structure


Your opinions are attacking one another. If 50BB to start out with is too shallow in your opinion, then it would be beneficial to either have longer blind levels or to have more people at each table.

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I agree. First, 6 person tables are pretty much short handed play. The blinds will be coming around faster and people will play more aggressively. I think if you're trying to accomodate those who want to feel like they're getting their money's worth, you should start with 9 players tables. Also, by the time you're into the later levels of your blinds, you'll want the blinds to increase. People have been playing for a couple of hours, they either have the chip stacks or they don't, but everyone will be ready for people to start busting out. 15 minutes is a good length per round.

You might consider having a side game going for cash for those who get knocked out. We play $5 at a time, each chip worth $.25, blinds 25/50, when you get knocked out you can rebuy for another $5.
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