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Default Re: Home Tournament Structure

I think 50BB for starting stacks is way too shallow.

The blinds have been moved from 20 to 15 minutes, which I think is best.

With 18 people I think 3 tables of 6 is much better than 2 of 9.

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Your opinions are attacking one another. If 50BB to start out with is too shallow in your opinion, then it would be beneficial to either have longer blind levels or to have more people at each table.

For blind levels, I strongly suggest at LEAST 20 min levels. If you swing it, 25 or 30 usually works better. At a 9-person table, it's hard to get out a lot of hands in a 15-minute blind level, even if you're using two decks.

3 tables of 6 only makes the blinds come around faster, increasing the speed of the action. I would assume the players want to feel like they're getting some play for their money, so 9-person tables usually will keep them in longer.
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