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Default Re: a thought on tipping dealers

I guess the same argument could be said for not leaving a tip at Sizzler or Souplantation, the "service" is limited. My opinion is(and keep in mind, Im a very important person to ask about these things cause my word is worth its weight in say air) this is something that America will never rid itself of no matter how much things are automated, people in the food industry, or service industry will always make minimum wage, or close to it, because employers argue that they receive tips and this keeps the labor cost down. Mot people I assume are like me, even with bad service, I feel obliged to leave some gratuity for food, not because they deserve it, but because everyone does, and thats what keeps the tip train going, expectation.

So, unless the country, or a large part of it wakes up one day and says "Tips are for GOOD service", I dont really see any or much change.

BTW, very good idea for thought Ray.

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