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Default Re: a thought on tipping dealers


The shuffling machines are for the house to make more money. So, the players should expect a drop in rake, but this is not likely since the casino is trying to increase it's take on the game. But, even if they don't pass on the savings to the players, maybe this will entice some more casinos to have a poker room instead of a few rows of slot machines.

As for the dealers, they are entitled to make a living wage. So, to calculate what you think they should be making you take the 90 hands and divide that into the hourly rate you believe they should be making. Furthermore, if dealer tips do move up, just like any other profession, the competition for dealers competing for jobs will bring us the better dealers.

Oh yeah, when are you ever going to Las Vegas again or even come here to Illinois? I could lead you to places where there is some real good food. There still might be hope for you.

Good Luck

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