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Default Re: Golf Good; Poker Bad; As horrible Vegas Trip Report

Good report, Barry. I'll just add a couple of things.

First, I'm really good at cracking your Aces.

Second, you and Joe were the only ones raising in the Mandalay Bay game. I limped or called a raise with every hand preflop for an hour, including 72o and QQ. My first fold came when I had 73o and it was two raises to me in a kill pot.

I almost broke my hands played string a little earlier, but the table talked me into defending my kill button with Q2o. Of course, the flop had a Queen and a 2, and the turn was a Queen. I think that was my fourth full house of the hour.

I'll let Joe post the interesting hand that he and I played against each other in that game.

Third, the Lexinton Course was incredible. Anyone that has a chance to play it, should.
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