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Default Re: $109 - Stating your hand

Bizarre situation last night. I was already on tilt from having my worst night in years and getting sucked out in every tournament, so I wasn't playing my best.

Sorry, at work and no HH.

First level, 10 left.

UTG limps, MP limps, I complete in SB with AdJc, BB checks.

Flop Jd 8d 2c

check, check, UTG bets pot of 60, fold.

I check-raise to 200, BB folds.

Then, UTG thinks for a while and types "well, I have about 20 outs, so" and then pushes. UTG had me slightly covered (1100-1050).

Now, UTG is telling me that he has Td9d. What the heck do I do in this situation?

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be a smart man and turn of chat. and i believe i played tons with you lately.

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I have my chat off on my desktop. I was playing last night on my laptop and only had 2 tables up towards the end, so left the chat on. I'll need to do this.

And, yes, we've played a lot lately and I remember a suckout from last night that made me want to beat you senseless. [img]/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img]

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did i have 27o or was it 34o?
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