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Default Help please...

Okay, so I have my computers networked. One playing computer and one data mining computer. I can add the database on my mining computer to PT and have PA display the stats. It's nice when it works but it's just too slow. What are my hardware options to make this work better?

1 - Will a dedicated hard drive on my mining computer help? Currently PA is trying to read from a database that is being updated, on a hard drive that is being written to. If the database was on a seperate drive, I know PT would be able to import the hand histories easier. But would PA be quicker?

2 - Both computers are in the same room. Can I connect the two computers together with a cord of some sort to get transfer rates much higher than over a network?

3 - Would more memory in my laptop be an answer? Or a more powerful laptop? I'm using a dell 9300 with over 1.5 gig of memory. I think it's the networked database because if I remove that database from PA, it runs MUCH MUCH quicker. Thanks,

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