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Default Re: To the better $22 and $33 players...

Yes, I would have made the comment if it was a picture of a white guy with a mullet and one tooth sitting in a Porsche. You're the one who brought race into it. As per defending others words, it's not my responsibility, as I have explained my interpretation as such. As for the relationship between class, status, and race, you made that connection, and are the racist. There are many wealthy minorities, who don't wear 1 billion diamonds and don't drink cristal OUT OF THE BOTTLE. Look at Oprah. Where's her bling? It's not there, because she took her financial success and capitalized it into wealth. Also, by grouping "everyone" into an assumption, you perpectuate racism by expecting everyone here to be a racist. You perpetuate racism through your expectations just as others do through stereotypes.