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Default Re: Crazy Poker - never got signed up for affiliate rakeback deal

if you are planning to multitable 1/2 and 2/4 LHE "in the future", then you shouldn't even be overly concerned about rakeback to begin with. everyday 10c or higher raked hand bonuses available at many sites are worth over 5 times what rakeback would earn at those playing levels.

Crazy Poker hasn't been around all that long, they've changed their bonus schedule around quite a number of times and they haven't always been clear with customers about their deals. so don't assume they're going to keep to these T&C's either if the choose to change it again.

many of the sites you currently have accounts at don't have rakeback either, so your long term options are still pretty wide (Cryptos, Party skins, other Prima skins, Absolute, UB, Full Tilt and many more). stick with bonuses if you want to make the most money overall at low limits.
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