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Default Re: My day with Arnold (long, pictures)

Yeah, Arnie is great.

I used to do lotsa weights, and the books he did were good, solid advice.

[/ QUOTE ]

Arnie is cool his books are [censored] awful. Some of the worst advice around really.

[/ QUOTE ]

The basics in the Bible are still solid, I'm sure. And the other books I've read of his are typically cut-downs from the Bible. Maybe you've read others.

It's packed away, and I'm saying this from memory, but it runs through all the basic exercise moves still used today, instructs on warm-up and warm-down, goes through the patterns of reps/sets still used today, so what's to be awful?

What, you think solid weight-training advice is trumped by 7-minute abs and sht like that? Or you need some inspirational horse crap to get them weights moving?
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