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Default Christmas Emergency Fiancee Family Help

So I'm playing <censored> today and get a call from my fiancee 'reminding' me that I need a gift for their families round robin secret santa thing for christmas.

Basically, everybody goes out, spends 20$ or less, and buys a unisex gift. Everyone picks a number, and a gift, and everyone gets a random present. Fairly simple.

Okay. So I've got 20$ to spend. Need a unisex gift. There are 3 older couples involved, Me and Her(22), her sister(17) and other sister(12). So whatever it is would need to apply to nearly everyone.

Last year I got the group a nice set of pilsner glasses, and luckily the 12 year old didn't pick them. Everyone thought it was a really cool gift.

The gift exchange is on New Years day...whats my play? Any recommendations?
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