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Default Re: PokerStars VIP Free Rolls Payouts

it's annoying if your table has 7 players who showed up and some other guy on a different table is all alone and gets to steal all the blinds.

that's not poker. it's just silly.
some guy gets a guaranteed 10k chip head-start just by being at the right table where nobody else wshowed up.

the obvious solution is to open registration for it 1 hour prior to start time (obviously open only to those who qualify. if you don't register before the 10-minute mark into the tourney that you ain't playin'.

no need to sit everybody who qualifies in advance...just have them click the register button like a normal tourney.

my problem is that i'm frequently busy on sundays and this is when they will probably be held. so if it's done the way it is on other sites where everyone is seated it will probably be an advantage as i will probably be a late-show for a few.

still not as bad as for the folks in Europe and Australia where the time-zone thing can make it REALLY inconvenient.

I too am happy to hear of the flatter pay-out structure for these events and agree with ODoyle that everyone is just looking at the FPP's and the store...and is overlooking some REAL additional value here.
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