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Default Thoughts on this gutshot chase ...

Villain posts blind ($1), somebody posts blind ($2).

Hero EP+1, dealt AcJd

Hero bets $4, everyone folds but villain calls $3

FLOP [board cards KD,5H,QC ]
Villain bets $2, Hero calls $2.

TURN [board cards KD,5H,QC,4D ]
Villain bets $4, Hero calls $4.

RIVER [board cards KD,5H,QC,4D,10H ]

Villain bets $4, Hero bets $8, Villain calls $4.

Hero shows [ JD,AC ]
Villain mucks cards [ 9H,KC ]
Hero wins $36.


When I go through the odds and such, it seems I barely have enough outs (7, if I don't discount any) and assuming I can get another couple bets on the river ... I'm ok.

But for the most part, I should have folded on the turn, huh?

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