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Default Re: Un fair advantage alert from party pokaer

Actually the type of players following me around were really,tight players who aren't very creative making a couple buks a day playing simple poker.They wouldn't put much pressure on me,so they were perfect for my left anyway.I often left when the good players were skipping.I had a casino point of view,let the bad player skip,so he could put that savings back on the table.The funny thing was the guy who caused maybe the final straw is a two plus twoer who was on my left.Now that's bad poker.I made the mistake by staying while they bitched.Before I left right away.It's always a tought decision wether to milk the most now or try to not burn it out.Anyway,I replied to Party tellin them I would stop and they sent me this............Thank you for contacting us.

We appreciate very much the decision taken by you and request you to kindly practice the general
poker etiquette as incidents of these kind might spoil your repute as a professional poker player.

Contact us anytime, we are available around the clock to assist you with your account related
questions and suggestions.

Happy Holidays!


Investigations Team
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