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Default Re: um, QQ fold preflop?

If the opponent was an unknown in a super, I'd push. I have seen ATs and 66 way too many times for me to beleive him. If he was a 2+2er or a player I knew, I'd fold without much hesitation.

P.S. Ultimately for me this is a fold because I'm one of those elite posters. I cash about 50% of the time and can double up playing blind anyway, so I don't need to take coinflips or even 80% shots. I was just giving a default response for the non-elite obviously.

[/ QUOTE ]

I agree that this is a push against a random player and probably a fold against a good player.

I think a bigger pair is a good possibility. OP raised UTG. If you are SB with AA, what do you put OP on? Presumably AA-99 or AQ-AK. 99-TT, AQ, KQ, AJ, a suited connector, suited broadway cards, a small pair or something may fold to a reraise anyway. If OP has JJ-KK or AK, which he has a fairly large percentage of the time, he will probably push.
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