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Default Re: um, QQ fold preflop?

I'd have to have been at the table to make a decision. Was the raiser loose? Had he lost a pot on the last few hands?

4th hand, Level 1 10/15 blinds, you're out what 60 chips if you fold? I'd probably fold half the time, push or just call the other half.

Why just call? with that raise...I'm putting the guy on JJ-99, AK, AQ, KK AA

That's the order of what I ( just me ) would work out what he could be holding.

So flop comes blanks, you're a big fav over anything BUT AA or KK...and then you lose..oh well that's poker.

This happened to me the other night in a $55 SNG. I was early, went 4x BB w/ QQ, Button doubles my raise, next guy insta calls..after some thought I just called. I had the raiser on AK, KK or AA.....

Flop comes Q T 3...I check he pushes, I go over the top.

Shows red KK vs my QQQ

of course there were two diamonds on the flop, and he rnr rnr'd the K hi fl to my Q hi fl.

But almost any other time that flop hits, I'm getting paid.
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