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Default Re: Explanation of Rake Structure


I thought 5% was raked up to a max of $3 on most sites, with a 'no flop, no rake' policy on some..

[/ QUOTE ]

Right, I may have not been clear, but $1 rake at $20 pot is equivalent to 5% so yeah, that is very common across most sites. That goes the same with 'no flop, no rake' policy... in fact, I think it's every site as I can't imagine there are exceptions but I'm curious.

If anyone wants more discussion on this topic, this thread talked about % of raked hands at different limits. I'm pasting the link directly to my comments in 1 particular post:

raked hands at different limits

P.S. #1: OP (ItalianFX), I have rake bookmarks/links to many major poker websites that I could post here (for example, Party's rake page is here).

P.S. #2: excession, off point, great site you have at BTP (it helped me learn PT quite a bit...)

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