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Time to respond without looking at the other replies first.

Alright preflop I have no problem with the call. You're getting 3-1, have position for the remainder of the hand, and have a decent hand.

What kind of hands does he raise with preflop do you think? Only an ace? Some opponents will try to steal with a lot of hands if you complete from the button (and rightly so, to everyone reading). If it's only an ace though, you're in trouble. Still, getting 5-1 on the flop is pretty tough to get away from.

When you call the flop, you have to call the turn, since he could be desperation betting his KJo, and you're getting 2.3-1..

This hand is entirely dependant on read. If you think he'll only raise and then CB an ace, you have to dump it on the flop. Realize that when you call on the flop you've decided he probably doesn't have an ace, and thus are going to have to call his stack on the turn. So really, imo you're the only one that can say what the proper line is here...sometimes I fold quickly, sometimes I call a vacuum I probably fold.
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