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Default Re: Poker Essays, Mason

re: your location

are the 5 ranked or just lumped into a group? in which case it might be more impressive if you put "Emery's 3rd out of 5" (or whatever your rank actually is)

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I'm sure i'm probably not in anyone's top 20. It was just a joke..

I don't know how everyone in this forum plays, but I know carlos, jeff, blumpkin, sara and bartholow all are winners at stakes 20/40 and higher..

There are a lot of good poster's here, and the number is more than five. In fact, poster's like Jon 1van and myself are sort of probability specialists. We don't play high stakes, but both have advanced degrees in math. So some of us may not be experts overall, but have our own thing to contribute.

I'd also like to add that we should make fun of mike emery, since he won't post here anymore.

One thing that's been mentioned on here, but I'd like to bring up again, is that in Poker Essays 3, Mason really stresses that there are 2 types of Stud. "Little stud" and stud with a good ante. he would describe the 5/10 - 20/40 games on party as little stud. He feels that this kind of game isn't real stud because it just basically takes patience, whereas the games with a bigger ante require excellent play on later streets, raising to knock players out, and "courage". How cool. Reading all of this just reaffirmed my belief that party needs 15/30 and 30/60. It would really be in party's best interest.

Lstream--- They didn't have volume 2.

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this is an awesome post, screw mike emery, you are top 5 in my book! i need to post here more often.
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