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Default Re: Difficult Turn Decision


You don't say anything about your stats, which have a huge bearing on what a Rock will require to call a raise.

[/ QUOTE ]

This is what made this difficult. I was looking super-LAG on this table but it was because I'd been running hot (see stack size). I had been getting premium and otherwise raisable hands a lot and I was at about 30/15....which is about 50% higher than my normal preflop stats would indicate. Also, my flop aggression was running high as a result of good made hands and continuation bets...about 7.00. This makes me think that I could get him to push the flop with TPTK/Any 2 pair and hence the "crappy" flop bet. Nevertheless, in retrospect, I need to bet the flop harder because a) he's so rocky he might not play TPTK this way on this board even against a LAG and b) I still should not be giving him correct odds for a flush or nut str8 draw. I was trying to "invite" him to push here and quite frankly, he has never struck me as the type to raise a naked flush or str8 draw...even against me.
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