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Default Re: If God exists...

First lets suppose that God does exist. Next lets suppose that God is all good. I happen to believe both the above. If these two statements are true then I don't believe that hell exists. At least not an eternal hell. How could a loving, forgiving god, allow for someone to suffer in hell?

Your thoughts...

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The supposed paradox arises from the fact that _you_ are attempting to say what is good having, in your premises, stated that God exists and He is all good. If He creates hell then that simply means that according to God's "morality" hell is not bad. You may think it is bad but it is not by your premises.

That is what faith is all about. Believing something even if irrational or seeming incomprhensible. Once you believe God can do nothing but good you have to accept all he does is good even if you don't like it.
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