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Default Share some songs no one else has heard

Yeah, I guess this will at some point turn into a lame indie rock thread. Please don't post crap like Sufjan Stevens though. We've all heard of him by now, and IMO he sucks.

Feel free to post new indie stuff (not something that has been mentioned on this forum before), old gems, local music, really out there music, blues, middle eastern music (anybody know much about this pm me or respond in thread), whatever you like. Just make sure it's good.


Ok, I'll start with two songs off of the great John Paul Jones' solo debut album Zooma (1999), what many critics call the best post-Zep release by any band member.

It's a great instrumental album, featuring JPJ on multiple instruments. He plays 4, 10 & 12 string bass, organ, mandola, kyma (makes some weird sounds), bass lap steel, guitar, and he even conducts the London Symphony Orchestra on one track!

The first number I'm sharing is called. It's basically just a funky syncopated jam between JPJ (on bass) and the drummer. Nice bass playing JPJ.

The last track is an original blues track called. The slide guitar sounding riff is actually the bass lap steel. He is what I like to call "speaking" with his instrument in the intro. I guess that's why the blues is so great, it is so expressive. The song starts out with his unaccompanied lap steel, using a primitive version of the main riff which he introduces later in the song with the band coming in.

If you like what you hear, I can upload some more.