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Default Re: Pure Heads Up Poker-The Sweet Science

I've learned a lot from these forums. I don't mind sharing what I have learned.


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That's cool, it's good you think that way. I just prefer not to give away things to those I may face and make them better players. Actually, I doubt many posters here play at my level so I'm not sure they would understand what I was talking about. I'm all about helping players reach higher limits as that helps me too (getting bad players to play at levels beyond their talent).

Unfortunately, I've tried to explain a certain techniques before and got bashed for it by $10 players (lol), so I'm deciding whether it's worth the effort. Probably still is.

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If there's anything I've learned from reading books, playing, and reading forums, is that there is always another way to play a hand... especially in a HU match. When HU, different styles work for different people. It is up to the individual to find a style that works best for him, and try out new strategies. Notice there is no book written specifically on "Heads up Play." (I think Matt Matros may write one).

Anyway, I would love to hear your HU insight, and I will share some of mine.
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