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Default Re: Pocket pair on a monotone flop

These are very difficult situations. With a 4-way flop after a preflop raise, of course you have to consider your PPs beaten at this point. But you have draws to the second-nut and nut-flush respectively. FWIW, you have back-door straight draws in both hands and can also make a set which may or may not give you the best hand. The real problem is that you are out of position and your stack size dictates that any bet/call/raise from you would pot-commit you (if you aren't already!). Given that I think the best play is pushing and putting your opponents to the test. In a tournament, you have to win these types of situations. The key is that you do have some fold equity with your stack size. That flop is scary and you may get top pair to lay down the best hand. If you get called, you have plenty of outs.
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