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Default Can you beat this game?

By "beat" I mean play it for a long term profit.

I call the game "Kings".

The face cards are separated out of several standard decks of cards. For the purpose of this post assume that the cards are dealt from and infinite shoe and that the shoe is fair. Also, the dealer turns up all the cards at the end of each hand so that the players can make sure they wern't cheated.

The player places their first bet (any amount they want) and the dealer deals 3 cards face down and looks at them. If there are no Kings, then the player wins three times their first bet and the hand is over.

If there is a king then the dealer shows the player a King and the player loses their bet. Then the player can place a second bet (again any amount they want). The player then choses one of the two remaining cards. If the card they choose is a King then they win 4 times their second bet. If the card they choose is not a King then they lose their second bet.

Can you develope a betting scheme that makes this game +EV?
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