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Default Re: About the mega-affils who initially offered Party RB...?

So what I'm understanding you to say is that you believe TITN's line about not getting paid for those players anymore was a complete fabrication on their part?

[/ QUOTE ]

I don't believe this was the case. TITN actually referred me to a new affiliate (which was nice and something he was not obligated to do). I would bet that his individual trackers were turned off and he did not want to go through the hassle/risk of getting PT screen shots from all the players.

Just my guess.

[/ QUOTE ]

So judging from your previous comment about communications you received from them:

"At the end of Novemeber, I sent them an e-mail asking about signing up a friend, and they responded saying that they had paid out of their pockets for October and no one would be getting paid for November"

It appears that they were BS'ing their players at SOME point throughout this thing...
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