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Default Re: Travelling to China

Hey Gunny!

Haven't been there but I've been to Beijing twice and Shanghai once. It's definitely an interesting place to visit.

Here are some general observations:

1. Language - In major metropolitan areas there are a lot of English speakers but not nearly as many outside. If you don't speak Manadarin I recommend this for any traveler in China (Anywhere in the world actually)

Kwikpoint International Translator Card

This saved my butt many a time in many foreign countries where I didn't speak the language especialy when ordering food.

2. Food - Chinese food in China is much different than the chinese you find in the west, especially outside the cities. Not bad, just different. A lot more fish, less fried, noodle based.

3. Attractions - The Great Wall is a must. It really is impressive in person. Give yourself 3/4 of a day and good shoes to do this right

4. Don't buy knockoffs - Along with being a violation of international property rights, they suck. Sure you can buy a "North Face (North Fake) jacket that looks just like one that costs $300 for $30 - but it WILL fall apart within weeks.

Final point: It is very safe there but westerners do attract attention. Don't leave any valuables in a hotel or other anywhere else. Don't bring a laptop or a PDA if you can help it.

That's my down and dirty!
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