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Default Re: Win a Porsche in 2 1/2 years playing 20 hours a week?

To Something Clever and MicroBob,

I 8 tabled whatever was avalable at True, so I did play alot of tables short handed even if they were full ring game tables. I also mixed limit and NL.


There is no way I would contemplate doing this, (Official race to see who wins a Porsche first? Who's up for it?)

I acutally lost a little money doing the True challenge, around $ 300 comes to mind, so to think I could even play breakeven poker playing 8 tables of SH for 40 hours a week would be crazy.

Yea, if someone else wants bragging rights as the first person to win a porsche in less than a year, they can have it, as I think it will take a better man (or woman) than me.
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