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Default Re: Squirrel Post- don\'t miss the Nuts

This is an attempt at a comprehensive guide for determining the nuts in Hold 'Em (and I believe high hand in Omaha but Omaha is not my game):

Following the checklist below will prevent you from thinking that you have the nuts when you do not. It does not take into consideration pollution of the nuts, e.g. a straight flush is possible from looking at the board, but you have one of the cards needed for it. While an S.F. would be the nuts, you know no one else could have it and something else is the nuts. If the criteria are not met for one question, go to the next question to find the nuts.

Does the board contain three cards of one suit? If yes, can you add four to the lowest card of the suit, and reach the two higher cards of that suit on the board? If so a straight flush is possible. For this equation, there are fourteen cards in the deck because A is low or high. J is eleven, Queen is twelve, King is thirteen and ace is One and Fourteen. So if the board has A 3 5 you can add 4 to A, hit the three and reach the 5 and a SF is possible. If the board has three cards of a suit all in a row (e.g. 89T) two S.F.s are possible, the nuts being the higher S.F.

If no S.F. is possible, is the board paired? If so Quads are possible. So are full houses. The nut full house would be made up of a set of the top card on the board.

If the board is not paired, are there at least three cards of a single suit on the board? A flush is possible. The nuts is the flush with the highest card of the suit not on the board. (e.g. the board has AKQ of one suit, the nuts is the J and another card of the suit).

Can you add four to the bottom card, and hit at least two cards along the way? A straight is possible. A straight is also possible if there are three cards in a row, the nut straight being the higher straight.

Absent straights, flushes, quads, full houses and the like, the nuts is three of a kind of the highest card on the board.

Two pair, pairs, even overpairs are NEVER the nuts.

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