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Default Re: Can You Call This down.

I would fold 5th, for several reasons:

Obviously, you could be drawing close to dead if seat 2 has the flush. Unless you know for sure that he would 3-bet on 4th in that position with a 4-flush, it seems pretty likely that he, in fact, has it.
Even if he doesnít have it, he could easily have a pair + a 4-flush, kings up, slow played aces or trips. (Once he just smooth-calls the raise, you can probably rule out trips and maybe kings up; but you didnít know that when you made the first call).
I would be worrying about what seat 1 was calling with on 4th. You said he was aggressive, so I assume he would raise on 3rd with jacks; you also said he is somewhat tight, so he probably isnít calling 4th with just a mid pair or an unimproved 3-flush, especially sine he has to fear a 3-bet from seat 2. Thus, Iíd say his most likely holdings are 3-flush + deuces (not the greatest call ever, but possible), slow played aces (giving him trips on 5th), rolled jacks or the unlikely pocket deuces (also giving him trips). To sum it up, he should have either a 4-flush + pair with an over card or trips.

Like I said, once seat 2 just calls the raise, you can probably rule out trips or kings up, plus you donít fear a raise behind you, so you should call the raise.
Raising 6th looks like a bad idea to me. You are almost definitely behind and itís unlikely anybody is going to fold.
River is an easy fold I think, since the pot is protected with seat 5 still in there. Besides, the only other option would be to raise and that would clearly suck.
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