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Default Re: Going deaf... who else?


I said I never listen above 85dB, which doesn't mean I listen to only 85dB. Plus, 85dB isn't too loud (hearing loss starts to occur at around 95dB with sustained exposure).

As far as 65dB goes, I'm not talking about 65dB from the earphone and then cramming it into your ear. I'm talking about 65dB total exposure in your ear. 65dB is normal talking conversation. Surely you can put on headphones and judge what normal conversation level is.

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anything over 85db is pretty loud. every 3 dbspl is actually doubling the loudness (3 db less is 1/2ing it). db is non-linear

if your ears are ringing, you have attained some (possibly very little) permanent hearing damage. The ringing sound is cause by the stereocilia in your ear trying to repair itself.
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